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How much should I pay a non union voice actor?

A non-union actor, as the term suggests, refers to an actor who is not a member of a professional actors' union or labor organization. While unions like SAG-AFTRA represent actors and negotiate contracts on their behalf, non-union actors do not benefit from the protections, benefits, and industry standards established by these unions.

Non-union actors often work on projects that are not governed by union contracts. These projects can include independent films, student films, low-budget productions, web series, theater productions, or commercials that do not fall under union jurisdiction. Non-union actors are not subject to the same minimum pay rates, working conditions, or benefit requirements that are enforced for union projects.

Non-union actors have the freedom to negotiate their own contracts and terms directly with the production companies or clients they work with. However, this also means they may have less leverage in negotiations and fewer protections in terms of payment, working hours, and other contractual aspects.

An excellent resource on how much to pay voice actors:

Many actors start their careers as non-union actors and work towards securing union membership as they gain experience and opportunities. Joining a union often requires meeting certain eligibility criteria, such as accumulating a specific number of professional credits or securing a union-sanctioned role.

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