Jessica Carter - USA - 2018

When working on a new video production for an upcoming product release, I wasn't even set on hiring voice talent - until I came across Angeli's portfolio of work! I was immediately impressed with the wide range of tones Angeli is able to provide in her voice work. She is extremely professional, responsive and was able to provide several takes to give us a few options and ensure we got exactly what we needed. And all within a very tight time frame of just 3 days! I will definitely turn to Angeli for future voice talent needs.

October Three Consulting LLC - USA - 2017

Angeli did a fantastic job for us with very fast response and accuracy. The perfect combination of professionalism and talent!

Sean Guo - Australia - 2017

Excellent voice over again! Highly recommended!

Fitch Voice Over - Angeli Fitch - North American Female Voice Over Talent - San Francisco - Commercial and Narration recordings for radio, television, Internet and voicemail.

Julian Ross - USA - 2018
I am speechless at the professionalism and the amount of time she took to make sure what I was looking for was, A +++++++++ QUALITY. If you want it done right and great, what are you waiting on? Press that ORDER button and get your First Class IVR or Voice Recording project done right. Thanks :) 

Khurram Syed - Canada - 2018

We worked with Angeli on a couple of projects requiring highly talented voiceover to really get our message across. After researching options for hours we were very fortunate to find Angeli. She was the most qualified and had extensive portfolio and diversity in voice skills that set her above the rest. But after working with her, we were even more impressed. The quality of the product was absolutely perfect and was accomplished very quickly. She always went out of her way to make sure we were fully satisfied. She was very professional, communicated regularly and was a pleasure to work with. We look forward to future projects. Thanks.

Right Point Media - USA - 2018

We hired Angeli to provide a voice over for us and gave her very little direction. We then arranged for a phone-patch session and her talent really shined. She was professional, courteous, and above all – patient. I can only imagine how tough it is to have an anxious producer and a discerning client listening to every word. Ultimately, she gave us exactly what we were looking for and did it with enthusiasm and grace. I would highly recommend Angeli for your next project.


Benjamin Yoblick - USA - 2018

Angeli was absolutely great to work with. Her communication and professionalism was excellent. Her price was very good and the quality of her voiceover work was top notch!

S. Hobson - USA - 2018

Angeli's work is superb!! She delivered a great voice-over. Thank you

Domina Doll - USA - 2018
Angeli is awesome to work with, very prompts in her replies, plus very high quality work, beautiful voice and the project is just what I wanted and more! Very happy with the results and I will definitely work with her again and refer anyone I know who needs voice work to her! Excellent in every way!


​Commercial and Narration Audio Recordings for Radio, Television, Film, E-Learning, Audiobooks, Internet and Voicemail/IVR

Ron Gavrilovic - USA - 2018

Working with Angeli was a great experience. She is a true talented professional and absolutely exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend her and look forward to working on future projects together.

Souzalucasr - Germany - 2017

Angeli did a fantastic job! I needed a tweak in the script I sent her and her corrections were spot on. She was very attentive, responded to messages quickly and my overall experience was nothing short of extraordinary. Moreover, I really enjoyed her voice acting of my script :)

Scribe King - Nigeria - 2017

In recent time, this is the best voice-over artist I have seen, very fast and efficient, super quality audio... Highly recommended. Am definitely using her service again

Advids Company - USA - 2018
It was amazing to work with you. Thank you for prompt responses, and amazing take on the VO. Hope to work with you soon on other projects.

​​Endless Auto - USA - 2017

Easy to work with, Fast and good quality!

Haven Falls Motion Pictures - USA - 2018

Angeli did a great job on our narration and was a great asset to the project!

Pankti Rajyagor - India - 2017

Outstanding Experience!

Faison's - USA - 2017

Very professional, easy to work with. Highly Highly recommended. Great job, thanks!

San Francisco Voice Over Actor and Attorney Angeli Fitch provides professional, high-quality audio recordings for your project. Her flexible voice will articulate your message to your audience. Her neutral North American, General American, West Coast voice includes authentic, believable, easygoing, energetic, professional, sincere, skeptical, sophisticated, upbeat and warm qualities. She is easy to work with and appeals to a wide audience. Call Fitch Voice Over 415-515-8027 to discuss your project with Angeli Fitch, a trained actor who can play many roles, such as advocate, athlete, attorney, bail agent, banker, barista, boss, caregiver, commuter, consumer, doctor, financial advisor, fundraiser, insurance adjuster, investigator, judge, librarian, manager, matron, mom,  nurse, parole agent, prison guard, probation officer, prosecutor, real estate agent, security guard, secretary, social worker, teacher, telemarketer, traveler, tourist, warden, wicked stepmother, waitress, wise woman.  Fitch Voice Over has many satisfied clients worldwide, including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland,  Korea, Malaysia, Romania, Scotland, Singapore, and Ukraine.

Moneta Studios - United Kingdom - 2017

Great quality. Followed requirements to a Tee. Very professional voice artist.

Fiveeesh - Israel - 2017

Excellent! Angeli did everything to make me satisfied. Thanks

Kanteasa K. - USA - 2018
Awesome job on the commercial. I am excited to put the commercial into rotation. I look forward to landing a lot of clients from this commercial. Thanks so much.

Scott Schwertly - USA - 2017

I had the opportunity to work with Angeli on a voiceover project and I absolutely loved her professionalism, responsiveness, & commitment to the timeline. She was absolutely fantastic to work with from start to finish.

Approachable, Believable, Bold, Bubbly, Caring, Classy, Confident, Conversational, Dynamic, Easygoing,  Elegant, Enchanting, Executive, Friendly, Genuine, Humorous, Maternal, Natural, Nonchalant, Playful, Professional, Sensual, Smooth, Straightforward, Strong, Sultry, Sympathetic, Upbeat, Uplifting, Warm, Zestful

North American female voice over talent Angeli Fitch provides commercial and narration voice over recordings for television, radio, Internet and voicemail.

DKY - USA - 2017

Angeli did a great job of working with us, taking our direction and delivering the voice track we needed.

Anvil Publishing - USA - 2018
Angeli is easy to work with. She has been patient when I requested for revisions. Her turnaround time is also fast. Lastly, she performs based on her client's specifications very well. Good job!