E-learning is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing.  The demand for exceptional voice talent in E-Learning currently outweighs the supply as the barrier to entry for E-learning narration is higher than other areas of voiceover.  Although a formal education is not required, the E-learning narrator must be comfortable sounding like an expert in a wide variety of subjects while engaging the listener to stay connected throughout the course.  E-learning courses are abundant in every area of society such as agriculture, banking, biotech, education, engineering, financial services, government agencies, insurance, law enforcement, military defense, pharmaceuticals and transportation just to name a few.  There are also many styles of narration ranging from a more formal professional tone to a casual, conversational delivery.  Please listen to my demo to hear my range and contact me for a custom quote for your course.  I would love to be your voice!

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Angeli Fitch

Fitch Acting and Voiceover LLC

San Francisco, California USA

Skype: angelifitch1

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Email:​ angeli@fitchvoiceover.com

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