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There are many types of political commercials – the positive image ad, the negative attack ad, the issue positive or negative.  Political voiceovers can be heard on TV, radio and the internet.  One thing is consistent in all of these ads, the speaker usually has a very strong point of view and the message must be communicated in a way that commands attention but will not distract the listener.  The voice actor must speak with authority and conviction and compel the listener to vote in their favor.  A talented voice actor in political voiceover will use the right tone, pitch and pacing to communicate your political party’s message.  This is one of my favorite areas of voiceover as I love to speak from the heart with conviction and passion.  Please listen to my demo for the range of political voiceover ads that I am able to do.  Contact me for a custom quote for your political ad, I would love to do it!

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