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  My favorite type of voiceover is that of the live announcer or "Voice of God".  At a young age, I was captivated by the booming voice I would hear at the movie theatre or the friendly voice I would hear at the airport directing people to keep an eye on their luggage.  I thrive and enjoy the intensity of what the live announcer must do where there is no "take two".  Not all voice actors are comfortable with this type of voiceover as there is a lot of pressure at the live event to roll with the punches and accommodate all the last minute changes.  Often there are several people excitedly speaking in your earphones and when the signal comes for you to speak, you better be ready and there is no room for mistakes!  Recently, the impact of the corona virus has caused most live events to convert to virtual events.  I have done hundreds of awards shows and virtual events.  My clients describe my voice as having the right blend of authority, confidence and clarity to cut through the noise and be heard.  Contact me for a custom quote for your next live event or pre-recorded event.

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