​Young Student in Cameroon Listens To Lessons    Photo by Kefeh Collins

As with her law practice (https://fitchlawoffice.com), Angeli believes in contributing her time to those in need and is very sensitive to issues involving animals, children, and the elderly. Angeli is also available to emcee or act as a live announcer/presenter for selected non-profit organizations either pro bono or at a significantly reduced cost. Please contact her at angeli@fitchvoiceover.com for more info.


​Her most recent project is contributing her voice to The Oppia Foundation (https://www.oppia.org/about), a non-profit organization whose mission is to make education accessible and free to students all over the world by providing high quality universal education through interactive online lessons. Angeli is currently establishing a voice roster of like-minded voice actors who are willing to contribute their voice to such a worthwhile cause. Please contact her at angeli@fitchvoiceover.com for more info.

Sean Lip - The Oppia Foundation
By providing English audio subtitles for our core lessons, Angeli has been an integral part of our work at the Oppia Foundation to make high-quality lessons on key subjects available to every student in the world. Her clear and accessible audio subtitles have made a significant and impactful difference in our work with young students in places like India and Cameroon, particularly those who have limited fluency in English.

In our work with Angeli, I've noticed that she communicates proactively, is very open to feedback, takes commitments seriously, makes an effort to understand the big picture, and goes the extra mile to get things done. We're very grateful to have the opportunity to work together with her!

Angeli Fitch

Fitch Acting and Voiceover LLC

San Francisco, California USA

Skype: angelifitch1

Source Connect: angelifitch

Email:​ angeli@fitchvoiceover.com


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