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How much does a voiceover cost?

The cost of a non-union voiceover can vary widely depending on several factors:

  1. Length: Longer scripts generally cost more than shorter ones, as they require more time and effort from the voice actor.

  2. Professionalism: Experienced and well-known voice actors may charge higher rates compared to newcomers or amateur voice actors.

  3. Usage: The purpose and distribution of the voiceover can influence the cost. Voiceovers for commercial use (e.g., advertisements) tend to cost more than those for non-commercial use (e.g., educational videos).

  4. Rights: The rights you purchase can affect the cost. For instance, if you need exclusive usage rights, it may cost more than non-exclusive rights.

  5. Voice Actor: Different voice actors have different rates based on their skills, popularity, and demand.

  6. Project Type: The type of project can influence the cost. Rates for video games, animations, commercials, documentaries, audiobooks, and phone systems can all vary.

  7. Languages and Accents: If you require a specific language or accent that's less common, it might affect the cost.

  8. Turnaround Time: If you need the voiceover done quickly, it might incur rush fees.

  9. Studio Costs: If the voice actor needs to record in a professional studio, these costs might be passed on to you.

  10. Editing and Post-Production: Some voice actors include basic editing and processing in their fee, while others charge extra for more extensive post-production work.

To give you a rough idea, voiceover rates can range from as low as $50 for very short, non-commercial projects to several hundred or even thousands of dollars for longer, more professional work. Celebrity voice actors and high-demand professionals can charge even more.

It's recommended to reach out to voice actors or voiceover agencies to get specific quotes based on your project's details. Many websites and platforms exist where you can find and hire voice actors, and they often list their rates and provide information about their services.

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