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What is the difference between a voice actor and a voice artist?

"Voice actors" and "voice artists" are terms often used to describe individuals who lend their voices to various media, such as animations, video games, commercials, and audiobooks. While they are often used interchangeably, there can be subtle differences in how these terms are interpreted: Voice Actor:

  • Voice actors primarily focus on the art of acting, emphasizing the delivery of lines with emotion, context, and character development. Their expertise lies in bringing characters to life through vocal performances.

  • They typically work within the entertainment industry, providing voices for animated or video game characters and performing dubbing for foreign films or TV shows.

Voice Artist:

  • Voice artists may possess a wider range of vocal skills and may not be limited to traditional character acting. They are known for their versatility in using various vocal techniques and styles.

  • Voice artists can find work in diverse fields, including advertising (commercials and voiceovers), narration (documentaries and audiobooks), and providing voiceovers for corporate videos or phone systems.

  • While acting remains crucial, voice artists are recognized for their ability to adapt their voices to different genres and tones.

In practice, individuals working in the field may use these terms interchangeably. What truly matters is their capability to effectively use their voice to convey messages, characters, or emotions, meeting the unique requirements of each project. Whether one identifies as a voice actor or a voice artist, their success in the industry hinges on their skill and adaptability in voice work.

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